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Kathmandu University Email Registration Form


Terms & Conditions

  • The email account provided shall only be used for university correspondence or educational/research purposes.
  • The account holder will be responsible for any illegal or immoral consequences arising from the misuse of the email account. Any such operations will be subject to KU's Rules & Regulations and Nepal Government's Law.
  • ISMS is not backing up any individual emails, so the account holder is solely responsible for taking backups of emails or contents of the drive.
  • The account holder should follow IT Policies and Guidelines provided by KU and Nepal Government.
  • ISMS is not responsible for any damages occurred due to Force Majeure events like loss of internet/network connectivity, issues with email service providers, hacks, and spam messages.
  • The email account will be automatically deleted without prior notice after one month of resignation clearance or non-renewal of contract for individual accounts and after the service period of units/sections/projects has ended.
  • ISMS holds full right to assign a suitable username ( firstname.lastname or a unique id that is not changeable), permit/block provided services, or remove online access as per security measures without prior notice.

Note: You need to fill out the form online, submit it, download and print it, obtain the required approval signature, and then submit the form along with a copy of your ID card to ISMS.

Attention: Application form must be filled online and can only be submitted once. You cannot save or re-apply after submission. So, verify your details and do not forget to download the final form for signature from authorized personnel.